DIY Solar Energy: Homemade Solar & Wind Power System – For those who wish to go green (solar or wind energy for the home) but can’t afford the lump sum it typically costs up front; give the do-it-yourself option a try for a small investment of just $50 for instructions & plans. Also check out the true benefits of solar energy and how it’s applied, these systems are becoming more common and more affordable throughout the US and the rest of the world.

BOLOWIND: Wind energy offshore system

Floating wind energy offshore system Bolowind is a floating offshore system to produce wind energy. (Depths from 50 meters). A drag type system gets less performance that the helix. It is not disputed. But the structure of bolowind offers many other advantages that make it very interesting and where the helix does not succeed. It has been very difficult to summarize in 7 minutes all possibilities for the full version. A conceptual study is available (original Spanish and English translation) in pdf format. ( Bolowind begins where the helix can’t reach. Thank you for your view.