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The Outlook for Global Energy Supplies

Donald Paul, one of the leading experts on energy research and development, shares his insights and views on the long-term future of the energy marketplace, tapping the promise of new technologies and the adoption of better energy-management practices. Series: UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Dean’s Distinguished Speaker Series [4/2009] [Business] [Show ID: 16244]

Harnessing Nicaragua’s energy supplies – 25 June 08

The worldwide spike in oil prices has particularly hurt poor countries such as Nicaragua, but some investors are hoping to harness the Central American country’s vast untapped geothermal energy held within dozens of volcanos – and one day even export surplus energy, as Al Jazeera’s Monica Villamizar discovers.

Renewable Energy Supplies | Tomorrow Today

A key argument against converting energy production from fossil fuels to renewables has been that we cannot rely on them for a steady supply. The sun doesnt always shine,the wind doesnt always blow. Now a new research field known as energy meteorology is helping to make sustainable resources more reliable. Using remote sensing methods,such as satellite data,the weather experts are finding ways of forecasting the intensity of the sunlight and winds used to generate power.